Anthony Santos responde después que calificaran como un “engaño” una de sus fiestas

After the public at an Anthony Santos party in Santiago de los Caballeros described the artist’s presentation as a «hoax», «El Bachatú» responded this Saturday through his social networks to these attacks that were reflected in a video that was went viral this weekend.

“At the party enlivened in Santiago de los Caballeros, last Wednesday, December 29, the organizers of the event assured me that they had in their possession a permit that allowed me to sing to them until 4:00 AM, and, it was NOT like that, finding out of the situation when I was ordered to stop what I understood to be my first set of the night finished, ”Santos wrote in a statement posted on his Instagram.

«El Mayimbe» also explained that his work team did everything possible for the authorities to grant an extension of the schedule to be able to satisfy the attendees but they failed in the attempt.

In addition, the artist assured that when he has to sing he usually does it until «the sun rises», and that he regrets the situation, and even says that «I feel» TWICE BAD «: firstly because you are my reason for existing in this artistic world. And secondly, because I went up at 12:50 AM, as usual, believing the organizers’ word about the supposed leave until 4:00 AM ”.

Regarding this party, those present claimed to have felt cheated after paying 200 thousand Dominican pesos and only receiving one hour of show from the Dominican bachatero and his orchestra.

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